Specialist Societies Attending Midpex 2017

Here are a list of Specialist Societies attending Midpex 2017.

British Thematic Association
Royal Philatelic Society of London
Welsh Postal History Society
Pacific Islands Study Circle
GB Overprints Society
Postal Order Society
British Society for Japanese Philately
British West Indies Study Circle
Alba Stamp Group
Spanish Study Circle
The New Zealand Society of Great Britain
Portuguese Philatelic Society
Malta Study Circle
Postal Stationery Society
Cinderella Stamp Club
Revenue Society
British Postmark Society
Forces Postal History Society
Civil Censorship Study Group
Italy & Colonies Study Circle
Great Britain Philatelic Society
Faroe Islands Study Circle
Polar Postal History Society GB
West Africa Study Circle
Falkland Islands Philatelic Study Group
Netherlands Philatelic Circle
Burma (Myanmar) Philatelic Study Circle
Canadian Philatelic Society of Great Britain
Czechoslovak Philatelic Society of Great Britain
TPO & Seapost Society
Somerset & Dorset Postal History Group (in conjunction with the Bristol Postal History Group)
Oriental Philatelic Association of London
Iran Philatelic Study Circle